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Milfoil comparison table
Milfoil comparison table

Myriophyllum farwellii


Farwell's Milfoil colony
Farwell's water-milfoil in-situ

Description: Farwell's watermilfoil has submersed leaves only. The leaves are typically 1 to 3 cm long and finely feather-divided, with 5 to 12 thread-like leaflet pairs per leaf. The leaves are closely spaced, radiating from the stem, and arranged both in whorls (3 to 5 leaves per whorl) and also in a more scattered radiating pattern. Stems are generally slender; both stems and leaves may be reddish. Unlike all of the invasive milfoils prohibited in Maine, and most of the other Maine native milfoils, Farwell's does not produce flowers on an emergent stalk. Farwell's water-milfoil and its close native look alike, low water-milfoil, both produce flowers, followed by small fruits, along the submersed stems in the leaf axils. The tiny fruits of Farwell's have bumpy ridges (as opposed to the smooth fruits of low water-milfoil). Toward the end of the growing season, winter buds (or turions) comprised of small stiff leaves are formed along the submersed stems.

Farwell's water-milfoil Range Map
U.S. range map of Farwell's water-milfoil

U.S. Range: Farwell's water-milfoil is native to Maine, new England and to other parts of the United States.

Look Alikes: The milfoil that Farwell's most closely resembles is low water-milfoil. This species may also resemble immature variable water-milfoil.

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Farwell's Water Milfoil fruit Farwell's Water Milfoil in-situ Farwell's Water Milfoil specimen Farwell's Water Milfoil range map Farwell's Water Milfoil fruit illustration Farwell's Water Milfoil illustration

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