Dear Friends of Maine Lakes, Thank you for visiting our Interactive Field Guide! Though the primary content pertaining to species identification in this Guide is—for the most part—still correct and useful, the site itself is no longer fully-functional (nor able to be updated). The entire Guide will soon be replaced by a new, expanded website-version of the Maine Field Guide to Aquatic Phenomena. So please stay tuned! Thank you for your patience!

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Photos, line drawings and scanned images including plants in situ (what one would see from a boat), close-up shots, micrographs of key structures for the 11 invasive aquatic plants on Maine's watch list and their native "look alikes"

Easy cross reference links providing comparisons of the invaders and their native “look alikes”

Factual information for each of the featured plants including: habitat, species description, origin and range, annual cycle, value in the aquatic community (for native species) and potential impacts (for invasive species)

Comparison Charts for quick identification of similar species

A Plant Identification Key to help determine possible identification for plant specimens

A dichotomous Quick Key to identifying (or ruling out) the eleven invasive species

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