Dear Friends of Maine Lakes, Thank you for visiting our Interactive Field Guide! Though the primary content pertaining to species identification in this Guide is—for the most part—still correct and useful, the site itself is no longer fully-functional (nor able to be updated). The entire Guide will soon be replaced by a new, expanded website-version of the Maine Field Guide to Aquatic Phenomena. So please stay tuned! Thank you for your patience!

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Plant Identification Key

All eleven invaders on Maines invasive aquatic plant list have characteristics that place them in one of the four categories depicted below.

If the plant in question does not fit into at least one of these categories, you may rule out all eleven invaders! (This also means that you have likely found a native plant that is not featured in this guide.)

If the plant in question does fit into one of these categories, go to the numbered section indicated and choose between the optional descriptions presented. Continue making choices until you arrive at a possible match for your plant. In some cases, you will be referred to more than one plant. Compare your specimen to the plant or plants indicated. Also check your specimen against all of the look alike plants listed for each featured species.

Click on one of the four options below
Floating Leaf Plants Submersed plants with Small Undivided leaves
Submersed plants with Larger Undivided leaves Submersed plants with finely divided leaves

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