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Common Name Listing

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alpine pondweed
alternate-flowered water-milfoil
bladderwort species
Brazilian elodea
Brazilian waterweed
clasping-leaf pondweed
comb-leaf mermaid weed
comb water-milfoil
common bladderwort
common mermaid weed
common water starwort
common waterweed
cow lily
curly-leaf pondweed
elodea species
Eurasian water-milfoil
European frogbit
European naiad
Large-leaf pondweed
floating bladderwort
fragrant waterlily
grass-leaved pondweed
hornwort species
large purple bladderwort
large water starwort
large-leaf pondweed
little floating heart
little water-milfoil
low water-milfoil
mare's tail
Mermaid weed species
milfoil species
naiad species
northern bladderwort
northern snail-seed pondweed
northern water-milfoil
perfoliated pondweed
prickly hornwort
red pondweed
red-head pondweed
slender milfoil
slender naiad
slender pondweed
slender waterweed
southern naiad
smaller floating heart
spiny naiad
thread-like naiad
variable pondweed
variable water-milfoil
variable water-milfoil hybrid
water buttercup species
water chestnut
water crowfoot species
water marigold
water-milfoil species
water nymph species
water targets
water starwort species
waterweed species
White water crowfoot
white-stem pondweed
white water lily
whorled water-milfoil
yellow floating heart
yellow water crowfoot
yellow water lily

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