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Look Alike Plants

Listing of Invasive Aquatic Plants
and their native look alikes

Brazilian Waterweed and Hydrilla look alikes

Waterweeds (Elodea)
Common waterweed (E. canadensis)
Slender waterweed (E. nuttallii)

WaterStarworts (Callitriche)
Common water starwort (C. palustris)
Large water starwort (C. heterophylla)

Mare's tail (Hippuris vulgaris)

Curly-Leaf Pondweed look alikes

Large Pondweeds (Potamogeton)
Clasping-leaf Pondweeds
Perfoliate Pondweed (P. perfoliatus)
Red-head Pondweed (P. richardsonii)
Large-leaf Pondweed (P. amplifolius)
Red Pondweed (P. alpinus)
Variable Pondweed (P. gramineus)
White-stem Pondweed (P. praelongus)

Fanwort and Invasive Milfoil look alikes

Bladderworts (Utricularia)
Common Bladderwort (U. macrorhiza)
Floating Bladderwort (U. radiata)
Large Purple Bladderwort (U. purpurea)
Northern Bladderwort (U. intermedia)

Hornworts (Ceratophyllum)
Coontail (C. demersum)
Spiny Hornwort (C. echinatum)

Mermaid Weeds (Proserpinaca)
Common Mermaid Weed (P. palustris)
Comb-leaf Mermaid Weed (P. pectinata)

Water Marigold (Bidens beckii)

Water Crowfoots (Ranunculus)
White Water Crowfoot (R. aquatilis)
Yellow Water Crowfoot (R. flabellaris)

Water-milfoils (Myriophyllum)
Alternate-flowered Water-milfoil (M. alterniflorum)
Northern Water-milfoil (M. sibiricum)
Whorled Water-milfoil (M. verticillatum)
Farwell's Water-milfoil (M. farwellii)
Low Water-milfoil (M. humile)

European Frogbit and Yellow Floating Heart look alikes

Fragrant Waterlily (Nymphaea odorata)

Spatterdock (Nuphar variegata)

Little Floating Heart (Nymphoides cordata)

Watersheild (Brasenia schreberi)

European Naiad look alikes

Small Pondweeds (Potamogeton)
Northern Snail-seed Pondweed (P. spirillus)
Slender Pondweeds (P. pusillus, P. berchtoldii, P.gemmiparus)

Naiads (Najas)
Slender Naiad (N. flexilus)
Thread-Like Naiad (N. gracillima)

Stoneworts (Nitella and Chara)

Secchi Disk
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